Palm Beach Juvenile Correctional Facility

"Building Brighter Futures For Our Youth"

Program Description

PBJCF falls under the category of Residential Commitment. Youth adjudicated by the court are assigned by DJJ to a commitment program.  Residential commitment programs include low, moderate, high, and maximum risk DJJ programs.  Students reside in these programs while committed to DJJ.

Student Eligibility Criteria

Students in DJJ/Youth Service Programs are:

  • Students who have been court-adjudicated to a detention, commitment, rehabilitation, or day treatment.  Commitment means any facility where the courts have adjudicated youth or have recommended placement.
  • In varying levels of commitment, and are awaiting trial or sentencing, or who are deemed neglected, dependent, or delinquent.

Schools do not determine placement to these programs.

Evaluation Process

All students in DJJ commitment, day treatment, or early delinquency intervention programs, who have not graduated from school, shall be assessed within ten (10) school days of the student’s commitment.

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Dr. Geoff McKee

Instructional Superintendent

Support Services
Phone: (561)434 - 8046

Mr. John Nealy

Assistant Principal

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