School Nurse Program

Student Return to Class Rate*

School nurses work with parents and school staff to ensure that students' health issues are met and they can benefit fully from their school day.

  • Return to class --- 80%
  • Released from school --- 20%

*SY 2015-16

Health Room Visits*

School nurses administer medications and treatments to students in the school setting.  They also evaluate and assess injuries and provide first aid.

  • Medication visits --- 183,963 (27%)
  • Non medication visits --- 506,010 (73%)

*SY 2015-16

Preventive Health Interventions*

School nurses conduct mandated screenings to identify and case manage unknown health conditions that can prevent school success.

  • Hearing screening --- 47,287
  • Vision screening --- 48,060
  • BMI screening --- 35,034
  • Scoliosis screening --- 10,106

*SY 2015-16

Primary Goal

The primary goal of this program is to advance the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement of all students.

What services do school nurses provide?

Schoolnurse4_001Assessment and intervention for injury/illness
Medication administration
Case management and care plan development for identified health problems
Health consultation with parents, staff, and physicians
Liaison to school, community, and/or health care provider
Health education and promotion
Review of school health records

Comprehensive School Health Services LGdASH1
The Florida Department of Health, PBC
provides additional scope of services to students in identified schools to reduce the risky behaviors and promote access to counseling and health services.

LGdASH2Full School Health Services
The Health Care District of PBC partners with Palm Beach Lakes Community High School to provide the "Rams Health Clinic" for on site comprehensive physical services, mental health services, and health care.