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Technical Operations Data Center

The Data Center is a 24/7 secure facility located in the FHESC that manages the District's Mainframe processing and server environment and provides system access to all District schools and employees.

In the last 12 months the Data Center processed:

4,614 Calls from Schools and Users
37,018 Automatic Scheduler Jobs
19,368 Manually Submitted Jobs and Print Requests from Schools and Departments
 177,024 Student Registration Forms, Blank and Pre-Printed Forms
644,540 Label Requests
 751,115 Elementary Schools Report Cards
 19,405 Grade Scanner Sheets for Middle and High Schools
 1,207,010 Middle and High School Report Cards

The Data Center strives to provide the highest level of reliable and efficient service to the District and its employees.  Click here to learn more about the Data Center.

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Phone:    (561) 434 8321   (PX) 48321
Fax:         (561) 434 8285   (PX) 48285

James Gallon, Manager

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First Shift Staff

Denise Thornton, Supervisor

Second Shift Staff

Jean Lerebours, Supervisor

                    Third Shift Staff