VBrick from The Education Network


VBrick Overview

As the now antiquated educational television microwave transmissions to our schools are phased out, The Education Network proudly presents Video Over IP.

The VBrick system works by both encoding and decoding live audio-video streams over the school district’s secure network, and the single-channel encoder located in the television studio encodes A-V from cameras, computer or VHS/DVD sources to every network connected computer on your campus.

Using the VBrick player plugin installed by your school IT staff, employees can login to the VBrick channel guide and start watching your school channel, and any of the twenty four additional channels offered by The Education Network.


VBrick Resources

VBrick Support


VBrick Tips

  • Please be sure to login and start streaming at least 30 minutes prior to the start of morning announcments, especially if you are at an Elementary School. This will help avoid simultaneous logins that can result in crashing the system servers.
  • Attention: Substitute Teachers and Temporary Staff if you do NOT have a username or password follow the example below for a generic one.
  • Example Username: xxxxvbrick (4-digit school number followed by the word "vbrick")
    Example Password: xxxxxxxx (4-digit school number, 4-digit school number )

  • How do I know if VBrick is installed on my computer? You will see the "SDPBC Live Video" icon on your desktop. If you are unable to view Live TV, ask your school tech to install this package for you or install it yourself using the LanDesk Desktop Manager software deployment portal: Start Button-->All Programs-->LANDesk Management-->Desktop Manager