Thank A Teacher

Have you ever wanted to thank a special teacher for the impact they've made on your life? Here's your chance.

Help us celebrate our outstanding Palm Beach County teachers by using the form below to send a message of thanks. We'll surprise a new classroom each week with the #ThankATeacherPBC Award, and your favorite teacher could be next.

Here are just a few messages...

(Dianne Margaret Saylor) Thank you for helping us in Earth space science. You are a great teacher and you make things fun!!!!!!!!!! - Stanley Jacques

(Alexandria Archer) Dear Mrs.Garcia, Thank you for being an awesome teacher. My son has learned so much in your class. - Ingrid Jennings

I will like to take this time to thanks an amazing teacher. Thanks for all u do Mrs Temeka Webber,  As a teacher she makes sure I'm updated on my son. Now for that I am grateful. Even when she heard about our loss. She took the time to check on us. Thanks again for all u do. You Rock!!!! - Natalle Ward

(Mrs.Mcallister) Thank you for being such a great teacher. Doing your best to make sure that we are prepared and ready for the next grade. - Frizz

(Vanessa Platas) Thank You Mrs. P you are the best teacher because you help me with my work when I am struggling with work and you make the class instresting - Ruth Shelby

I would like to thank this teacher for having a great impact on my daughter. Although she was only substituting while the class' regular teacher was out on maternity leave I have to say my daughter has grown in confidence and self esteem after meeting Ms. Lopez. - Veronica

Dear Mrs DePalo, I would like to thank you for all the affection and dedication you have with Sophia and all the students.
People like you are inspiration to us!  With affection, Sophia and Livia Medvid.

Ms. Lueke has been an incredible teacher. She has helped me with bettering my marketing skills. Thanks to her help i will be competing state wide in financial consulting. Its thanks to her that i have learned so much about the real world and what it has to offer. Its teachers like her that are changing the way students view learning. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to have as my last marketing instructor here at wellington high.- Rebeca Perez