Services provided by the Transportation Department for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students are provided in accordance with the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). If your child is eligible to ride an ESE route, per the IEP, that process is initiated by the ESE Contact at your child's assigned school. Services documented in the IEP are determined by the IEP team, which included you, the parent/guardian. Please contact the ESE Contact at your child's assigned school for more information.

Once the Transportation Department receives the request from the attending school for an ESE route for your child, the time period to establish a new route may take between three (3) and ten (10) business days. The ESE Contact at your child's assigned school will notify you directly with route details for your child once the route has been confirmed.

The Call Center does not provide the ESE student bus information to parents. This information is given to parents directly from the school ESE Coordinator.


  • If your address and/or contact information changes, please provide the updated information to your school’s registrar so that it can be updated in the student’s record.
  • If there are any changes to your transportation needs, i.e. transportation services are no longer needed, please notify your school’s registrar of this change.