Volunteer, Golden Grove Elementary Art Teacher are a Perfect Match

Mrs. Cynthia Dudnick, an avid tennis player, loves her tennis matches. However, she now has a different match that she enjoys as well.  As a school volunteer, she has been paired with Shaina Adams, Golden Grove Elementary’s new art teacher. Mrs. Dudnick, an Ocean City, New Jersey native, is a former art teacher herself! She holds an undergraduate degree in Art Education and a graduate degree in Environmental Education and Conservation. She completed her graduate studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Mrs. Dudnick also holds a certification in English as a Second Language (ESOL). She focused on that area when she volunteered at Grove Park Elementary School.

Mrs. Dudnick loves the fact that her expertise can be used to help another young art teacher. She says, “It’s wonderful to have a stress-free situation after working full time all my life! I am enjoying working with Shaina at Golden Grove Elementary because she has so much enthusiasm and is an excellent art teacher.”

Mrs. Adams said, “It’s hard to convey the significant difference that Cyndy has made in my classroom this past year. She has spent countless hours helping my students, organizing my room, and most importantly, sharing her invaluable knowledge with me. As an art teacher it is often difficult to get help on issues, being that you are the only person at the school with that unique skillset. It has been extremely beneficial to me to have a former art educator assisting me in my classroom, always bringing her knowledge and expertise. I hope she realizes how impactful her time has been to me and my students.”

Indeed, this does seem like a perfect match!  If you have some free time and talents you would like to share with our schools, please visit the District’s Volunteers Page for more information on how to get involved.

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