District Employee Volunteers

Each year schools are challenged to provide higher quality education with limited funding and resources. Volunteers can play a major role in bridging the gap between needs and resources, by sharing their time, energy, and diverse talents. School volunteers improve the quality of education by enhancing the work of classroom teachers and school staff. This is accomplished though such activities as mentoring, tutoring, assisting in classrooms, offices, media centers, and by sharing areas of expertise, travels and hobbies.

Many business partners now have policies providing release-time for employees to volunteer in local schools. All Florida State employees are encouraged to volunteer in schools one hour per week through the Governor's Mentoring Initiative. Several school districts, Alachua, Polk and Duval, have already adopted volunteer programs for their district staff.

Thus, in accordance with Administrative Directive D-2.53 Volunteers in Public Schools, district and area office employees may serve as school volunteers. District supervisors and employee volunteers shall observe the following goal, objectives and requirements:


To enable district-level employees to share their time and experience with schools and students.


* To provide knowledgeable resources and positive role models to schools.
* To provide district employees an opportunity to gain an understanding of school-based management needs.
* To provide district employees an opportunity to obtain first-hand information on student needs.
* To promote increased family and community involvement in schools.


* District volunteers will serve schools in a variety of ways such as mentors, tutors, resource speakers, classroom assistants, resource assistants and office/clinic assistants.
* District volunteers may provide career development and cultural arts experience.
* District volunteers may provide technology experience.


* Written approval from the employee's immediate supervisor must be obtained.
* Participation in the program must not interfere with the completion of the employee's assigned duties and responsibilities.
* Release time is authorized for volunteers during the hours the employee would normally be on duty.
* Employees may volunteer a maximum of one hour per week.
* Employees must keep a record of their hours on a sign-in sheet at the school and at their office.
* The office copy of the sign-in sheet will be sent to the VIPS office by the last day of May.
* Participation is voluntary on the part of the employee and must comply with all the policies of the volunteer program.
* Employees are encouraged to spend at least 50% of their volunteer time interacting with students.
* Employees may select his/her child's school or be assigned a school.
* The volunteering district employee must contact the VIPS District Office to complete a volunteer application and register for the appropriate     volunteer training.

Questions should be directed to Debi Elfen at 434-8789 or PX-48789.

Reference Bulletin #P-10939-CAO/GRBP and use District Employee Volunteer sign-up form (PBSD #1930).