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The School District of Palm Beach County is proud of the scope of volunteer involvement in schools throughout the district.  The active participation of parents and community members in the classroom extends the effectiveness of teachers and staff.  Volunteers also help the district deliver valuable services to students and schools that would not be possible without the support of the community.

The Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) program provides an avenue for individuals and organizations to become involved with education in Palm Beach County Schools. The Office of Community Involvement (OCI) organizes volunteer efforts district-wide and serves all schools in the areas of recruitment, program development, training, recognition, and more.  What cannot be measured, however, is the intrinsic value of the services volunteers bring to the students.  The encouragement, the patience, and the boost in self-esteem are incalculable and critically important to students.

Each school’s volunteer program reflects individual school needs and strengths.  Key to the success of the school based volunteer program, is the leadership of the volunteer coordinator and staff liaison for volunteers.  These leaders manage their school’s many outstanding volunteer activities and programs.


The School District will present the Annual Fall Leadership Workshop for school community involvement coordinators which consists of volunteer and business partnership coordinators. Workshop topics are designed to update and inform coordinators of current Florida Department of Education and School District of Palm Beach County policies and procedures governing the services of volunteers and business partners in school centers.


It is required that the Volunteer Coordinator attend this workshop in order for the school to qualify for the Golden and Silver School Awards and the Five Star Award. To qualify for Five Star a school must also have a district trained Business Partnership Coordinator.