VIPS Tracking and Raptor

All public schools are using both Raptor and VIPS tracking.  Raptor will be used for background clearance.  The VIPS tracking system will be used for application completion and recording volunteer hours.  ALL VOLUNTEERS AND VISITORS MUST SCAN IN/OUT THROUGH THE RAPTOR SYSTEM PRIOR TO PASSING THE FRONT DESK AND GOING ON CAMPUS.

Please have a kiosk for the computer where the volunteer applications will be completed, as was done previously.  Any volunteer that filled out an application since 2014/15 will be automatically registered in the system.  Any volunteer who has not completed an application will need to complete one at the VIPS computer.  The application will not require annual renewal, nor a request to be linked to other schools.

When volunteers enter the front office, they will log hours on the VIPS tracking computer.  If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact Debi Elfen by email at Deborah.elfen@palmbeachschools.org or (561) 434-8789 (PX 48789).    


VIPS Count Tracking System

vips login2

A browser-based application that helps reduce the time to perform administrative functions for the volunteers in Palm Beach County. The system allows prospective volunteers to enroll on the computer at the school site for all volunteer activities.  These include activities such as PTA/PTO, SAC, chaperoning, mentoring, tutoring, office or classroom assistance and more. The enrollment also allows the School District Police Department to conduct background checks quickly for the safety of our students.

With this system all volunteers can log hours volunteering at their favorite school. Volunteer coordinators can produce several reports that can pinpoint the areas in which volunteers are serving as well as areas in which they are most needed. The ability to create reports on demand allows the volunteer coordinators to spend less time accounting the volunteer hours performed and more time helping students.

This system is an integral part of each school because it functions and the premiere sign-in program for each school.  This system is used as a sign-in for Visitors, Substitute Teachers and other District Staff.  The program offers a customer service survey to assist schools and District staff better themselves in the area of customer service.


Our system no longer requires volunteers to be linked. Once an applicant registers they are placed in a District-wide database that allows them to sign-in/out at any one of our schools. Unapproved volunteers are unapproved District-wide. Thank you.


Questions should be directed to: 

Debi Elfen at 561-434-8789 (PX-48789) deborah.elfen@palmbeachschools.org


Please contact the Service Desk for assistance with downloading instructions for the DYMO printer



Raptor is the nation's leading provider of integrated school safety technologies.

The Raptor System can help to screen out registered sex offenders, manage custody issues, coordinate volunteers, and respond to emergencies.

The Raptor Visitor Management System instantly screens every visitor against the registered sex offender databases in all fifty states and can check visitors against custom databases set by each school, which can contain custody alerts and/or banned visitors.

Raptor’s Volunteer Management System tracks the hours of every volunteer, and any volunteer who applies is automatically submitted for a complete background check.



Raptor Support team at 877-722-7867

Michael Raikis at 561-969-5898 (PX 45898)