About Us

Meet Our Team:

Carlye Fabrikant, MS, CWWPM
Wellness Coordinator
Carlye has 19 years of employee wellness experience, and is here to help our employees live and work healthier and happier.
Alyssa Handeland, CHES, CWWS
Assistant Wellness Coordinator
With a background in Kinesiology and Health, Alyssa is dedicated to helping staff adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles to create a healthy, happy and productive workforce.

Who We Are:

The School District of Palm Beach County is dedicated to providing employees options for a healthy and active lifestyle. It has been proven that people who are healthy and manage stress effectively are more productive, more motivated and more satisfied- at home and at work. While our focus is to promote the health & well-being of School District staff through education, behavior modification, guidance and support, Employee Wellness also produces good role models for the students while supporting high student achievement.

What We Do:

Employee Wellness encourages a workplace that supports a healthy lifestyle by integrating health promotion activities and resources that enhance health and well-being. Our goal is to keep people healthy, reduce the risk factors among at-risk members and improve the health of those who already have chronic conditions by encouraging them to make lifestyle changes. To do this we give employees easy access to the resources needed to make well-informed decisions about their health and health care. We engage everyone in health and well-being by offering fun and engaging challenges throughout the year.

What We Offer:

We provide a variety of programs covering all aspects of health and wellness...

  • Health & Wellness Awareness Seminars
  • Health Screenings & Preventive Care
  • Mammography & Immunizations
  • Accessible Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Options
  • Disease and Care Management
  • Online Health Information & Resources
  • Healthy Pregnancy and Baby Program
  • Health Advocate (EAP+ Work/Life and Advocacy)
  • Seminars and webinars for In-service points
  • Nurse at Work/Nurseline
  • Weight Loss Programs

Our Goals:

We strive to continuously improve our program in its ability to meet the needs of our employees. From expanding our program options, to creating policies, we are working hard to make our workplace healthier and happier. View our Strategic Plan 2016-2021 to learn more about our goals.

Celebrating our Success:

By providing our employees and their family members with tools for healthy behavior change our award winning programs have improved the health of the population and have been evident in the financial impact to control spiraling healthcare costs.
Recent Awards include:

  • 2018 Gold level AHA Workplace Health Achievement Index
  • 2018 PRIMA Achievement Award Product Category winner for the Special Event Risk Planning Guide
  • 2017 2nd place for South Florida Business Journal's Large Employer Healthiest Workplace Award
  • 2017 CEO Cancer Gold Standard Re-Accreditation Award
  • 2016 The Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America, #60
  • 2016 Real Appeal District Award for 10,000 pounds lost
  • 2016 3rd place for South Florida Business Journal's Large Employer Healthiest Workplace Award
  • 2016 Gold level Healthy School Award for the Coordinated School Health program
  • 2015 Large Employer winner of the Healthier Miami-Dade Consortium's Florida Worksite Wellness Award
  • 2015 Florida Tobacco Cessation Alliance Gold Level Worksite Wellness Award
  • 2015 CEO Cancer Gold Standard Award
  • 2015 3rd place for South Florida Business Journal's Large Employer Healthiest Workplace Award
  • 2015 American Heart Association Fit Friendly Company - Platinum level     

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"[The Social Security] workshop was so informative. Thank you for arranging it! Keep them coming!"

FHESC Employee


The Lose & Win Program has been the first successful weight loss initiative I have done in years. Though I have led a healthy lifestyle, this program has helped me to really focus on what I am eating. By using an easy app, I am able to monitor my calorie intake and my physical output caloric burn. It helps to motivate me to "move" when I see the calories for the day nearing the max. Seeing is believing! After an 8 week program, I am excited to use the tools learned during this summer program and apply them, while being well on my way to my targeted goal! Thanks to the District Wellness Team for offering this great program.

FHESC Employee

“I ride my bike almost every day. I put my whole family on healthier foods. I am making my oldest child aware of all the stuff she is eating, like sodium and sugar. I have increased my food journaling and have lost a total of 30 pounds. The Employee Wellness Lose and Win Program helped support me to change my eating habits.”


Transportation Employee

“The Wellness Program has greatly benefited my school because people have lost weight, are in better shape, used preventive care programs, are eating better, taking pride in our school campus and it involves not only staff but the parents and children.”

Wellness Champion

Elementary School

“I have type 2 diabetes. I don not fit the normal type 2 profile. My case is unique and unfortunately aggressive. Being able to talk to the United Healthcare patient liaison has provided me some new insights as well as a sense of optimism.

I have lost 30 pounds so far. My long term goals are to lower my A1C to 6 and my weight by 20 pounds.”



"...Thanks to the Walking Challenge initiated by your [Wellness] department. I have acquired a HABIT...one that I will continue to pursue. I am now walking at least 2 miles and sometimes 4 miles a day. My buddies and I try to walk 1/2 hour during our lunch break. It has been a great "eye opener" to a new way of thinking. Thank you for this heart/bone healthy habit you have given me!"

Walking Challenge participant

FHESC employee

"I want to thank you for having Jennifer from the Alzheimers Association in. My wife and I made an appointment with her and received some very good information and will be following up with her. I would encourage you to have her back in the future."

Caring for the Aging Parent, Lunch & Learn participant

FHESC employee

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the [onsite] Self-Defense class [provided by Kung Fu USA]. I feel like I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you for arranging it."

Karen Miller


"Thank you for having these Yoga sessions [at FHESC]. My left hip has bothered me for a long time. After taking these yoga sessions my left hip has stopped hurting. "


FHESC employee

"I cannot thank...Health Advocate enough for your diligence in advocating on my behalf. I'm truly grateful. Thank you."


SDPBC employee

"Thank you [for organizing a chair massage day for our bus drivers]! Everyone who received a massage left in a thrilled, yet relaxed state!"

Bus Compound Staff Member

North Transportation

Wellness Policy 2.035

This Policy is in place by law to promote student health, safety and the reduction of childhood obesity, as well as to promote wellness for District employees.

Tobacco Policy 7.19

ALL campuses for the School District of Palm Beach County are 100% Tobacco Free.
All employees that are current tobacco users, and take our health plan, will be subject to a $50 per month surcharge.