Health and Wellness Benefits 

The School District of Palm Beach County is dedicated to providing opportunities and resources for employees to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Theses are just some of the many health benefit resources that will increase self-care and health awareness. These links are provided for your general education and information only; and should not be relied upon for personal diagnosis or treatment. If you have any questions, please contact your health care provider.

Why is UHC Calling Me?

Feel Good. Be Healthy. Live Well.

The School District is committed to the health and well-being of employees and their family members.Services are not "one size fits all," but rather they are designed around employee needs and benefit program objectives.

Wellness Programs can greatly increase your chances of getting healthy, staying healthy or living with a chronic illness.

For more information about your Health & Wellness Benefits, please click on the links provided on this page.

medical symbolMedical

Please visit for all your health care needs. You'll find a wide range of health and well-being programs. Some topics include: Real Appeal Weight Loss Program, Healthy Pregnancy Program, Health Allies Discounts, Live and Work Well, Source4Women, Online Health Coaching Programs, and much more!


Make an investment in your overall health and wellness. Get the most our of your Dental plan. Visit for practical tools and personalized information for your dental care. Please click on UHCDental for more information or click the link below.


For health care professionals, the eyes provide a vantage point like no other. With just one exam, an eye doctor can gain deeper insight into a patient's overall wellness. And regular eye exams may improve the chances of detecting many serious medical conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Learn more about your EyeMed Benefits.

diabetes sugarDiabetes Health Plan

The Diabetes Health Plan has specific plan designs to encourage those with Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, and/or High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure to take control and manage their health conditions. The program features tools so that those who face this condition will have access to better information and resources. Read about the Core Rx PDL and the Expanded Rx PDL. Click below for more information.

Disease Managementmed but

If you have asthma, heart disease, diabetes or heart failure, a registered nurse may reach out to you over the phone. The nurse will ask you questions about your health or condition to see if he or she can help. Call the back of your medical ID card for more information, or click below!

nurseNurse Services

Any time, any reason, any questions, call Healthy Living Lessons for Life Nurseline at 1-888-229-9322. You can also call 1-800-478-1057 for personal Telephonic Wellness Coaching to help you make healthy changes. We have an onsite UHC Nurse to assist District Employees. Gail Diedrick, RN, BSN, can be reached at her office (561-434-7414), cell (561-294-4539) or via e-mail at

Preventive Careprevent

We believe that prevention really is the best medicine. That's why we offer preventive benefits like immunizations and check-ups to help you and your family stay healthy. For more information on preventive care visit the UHC online website to identify your age and gender-specific preventive care guidelines.

advocateHealth Advocate/EAP +Work/Life

This free benefit to employees and their families is available 24 hours a day by phone or on the web. Some topics covered are: emotional wellbeing, financial organization, legal matters, personal growth, family life, diet & exercise, stress management and much more. Please click on the link below for more information.

CaregiverCaregiver Services

This is a free benefit available to all employees and their families. This website helps you take care of a loved one by helping you: stay connected to other care providers and family members; manage appointments, bills, and schedules; and get access to discounts and resources locally. Please click on the link below for more information and log on here to access the site.