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The School District of Palm Beach County values its employees and recognizes the importance of maintaining a highly effective, productive workforce to carry out the mission of The School District of Palm Beach County. Accordingly they have provided for an employee assistance Program (EAP) and personal health advocate which provides a variety of services to support employees who experience personal problems which may affect them on or off the job. This free benefit to employees and their families is available 24 hours a day by phone or on the web.

Feature 1: Healthcare Help
Provides the right answers at the right time
You have unlimited access to a highly trained Personal Health Advocate (PHA), who can help you navigate the healthcare and insurance systems, efficiently and dependably. The PHA can help you find the right providers, untangle medical bills (medical, dental or vision), negotiate fees on uncovered medical bills, answer questions about your benefits, locate second opinions, and much more.

Feature 2: EAP+Work/Life
Offers real-life help
A licensed EAP professional can provide short-term counseling by phone, video, or email, to help you better cope with personal, family and work issues. The Work/Life specialists can help you locate the right support services, from childcare and eldercare to legal help.

Who is Eligible?
The Health Advocate services cover you, your spouse, dependent children and your parents and 
parents-in-law. Members do not need to be enrolled in the PBCSD benefits plan to take advantage of this free and confidential offering.

Take Advantage of your Health Advocate All-in-1 Benefit
All of your personal information will be kept strictly confidential by Health Advocate and your privacy will 
be protected. Health Advocate does not provide health insurance or medical coverage or substitute for your current health insurance plan.

Help is Only a Phone Call Away

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Tip Sheets

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Real-Life Help... JUST CALL

Help is only a Phone Call Away

Health Advocacy

  • Find the right providers, hospitals
  • Untangle medical bills
  • Locate eldercare, support services


  • Short-term assistance for personal, family issues
  • Locate resources to balance work/life
  • Referrals for ongoing treatment

24/7 Support HealthAdvocate.com/palmbeachschools

HealthAdvocate Highlights

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Tools and Resources

A full-range of in-depth training sessions are available. For details on scheduling a seminar at your location please contact Employee Wellness.

Monthly Newsletter

EAP + Work/Life Wellness Sessions

We are pleased to provide a series of optional professional development sessions for non-instructional personnel. Classes are held monthly in FHESC, as well as available online, and all District employees are welcome.