UHC Medical Plan

Please visit myuhc.com for all of your healthcare needs! You'll find a wide range of health and well-being topics. This is the online portal for all your medical and dental plan information. Print a temporary ID card, check claims, access the myHealthcare Cost Estimator and check your Health Rewards status.

Virtual Weight Loss Program


Join the growing number of people who want to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes! The virtual, free program is for all employees and their adult dependents who are covered under the UnitedHealthcare benefit plan. This program offers you everything you need to help you change your lifestyle for good! You can lose weight and stay motivated with the support of a personal coach. Enroll today and get a free kit with all of the tools to help you make great changes! Find out more at RealAppealPBCSD.com

Healthy Pregnancy Program

Get personalized help through the Maternity Support Program.

Download the Healthy Pregnancy app for support and information.

Becoming a Dad? The Healthy Pregnancy Program isn't just for moms!

Health4Me Phone App


Health4Me provides instant access to you and your family's critical health information - anytime/anywhere. Whether you want to find physicians near you, check the status of a claim or speak directly with a nurse, Health4Me is your go-to resource for everything related to your health.


Health Allies Discounts
Save 10% to 50 % on many health and wellness purchases not included in your standard health benefit plan. Unlock your Health Care Discounts on UnitedHealth Allies! For more information log onto myuhc.com, click on Extra Programs & Discounts.

Live and Work Well Program



Provides free, confidential online access to your benefits, plus tools, information and resources to help enhance your health, work and life.

From understanding your plan benefits to taking care of sick kids and staying healthy yourself, managing your family's health and wellness is a big responsibility. We can help you make confident health care decisions. Get real answers – in plain language – to your health and wellness questions.

Preventive Care

We believe that prevention really is the best medicine. That's why we offer preventive benefits like immunizations and check-ups to help you and your family stay healthy. For more information, visit the UHC online web site at www.uhcpreventivecare.com to identify your age and gender-specific preventive care guidelines, based on recommendations of the U.S.Preventive Services Task Force and other health organizations.

Diabetes Health Plan

A program designed for those with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or high cholesterol/high blood pressure. Please visit the Diabetes Health Plan Website for more information. Please remember, if you have any questions at all- you can call the phone number on the back of your health plan ID card.

Diabetes is a major health problem facing Americans as well as all of us here at The School District. People with diabetes often have no warning signs and go undiagnosed for three to seven year. The School District continues to look for ways to improve the health and quality of life for you and your family. We are excited to offer a Health Plan with specific plan designs to encourage those with Diabetes (or pre-diabetics) to take control and manage their health condition. With the Diabetes Health Plan from UnitedHealthcare, you can save money and receive resources to help you stay on track. The Diabetes Health Plan features include tools so that those who face this condition will have access to better information allowing them to make informed health decisions and manage their serious health condition. Other plan incentives include: out of pocket savings for office visits, certain pharmaceuticals and diabetic-related medical supplies. To qualify for the Diabetes Health Plan, you or any covered family member who is 18 or older must be diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes. If you have not been diagnosed, an initial biometric screening will determine if you are eligible. The goal of this plan is to detect diabetes as early as possible to help reduce or avoid complications.

UnitedHealthcare Sherpa

Supporting Members through a difficult journey when they need it most. The program helps make the system work better for cancer patients, resolves insurance-related questions and concerns, enables the member to focus on improved health and reduces workload and stress. FAQs


Online/Telephonic Health Coaching



HealthyLiving- Lessons for Life Nurseline

Any Time. Any Reason. Any Questions.


Useful Links

Health Kiosk

On-site Health Kiosk and Bilingual Health Kiosk, please contact Employee Wellness for current location.


Health Kiosk

Nurse at Work

Nurse Liaison Gail Diedrick, RN, BSN is our UHC nurse-at-work who can assist District employees with the following:

  • Identify and recommend medical condition-specific programs.
  • Assist you in managing chronic illnesses by encouraging you to participate in one of our many care or disease management programs.
  • Educate and help guide employees in the Diabetes Health Plan to ensure engagement and compliance.
  • Help you choose appropriate medical care and understand available treatment options.
  • Motivate and inspire you to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will bring optimal health and well-being.

Look for her soon at your location or feel free to call her at (561) 434-7417, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.