Wellness Champion Traits

Champion Traits

What is a Wellness Champion?

    • A full time staff member with a commitment and passion to health that volunteers to serve as an ambassador for the Employee Wellness Program
    • Messenger and motivator to assist in the implementation and coordination of wellness initiatives

What are the Responsibilities of a Champion?

    • Attend Wellness Champion meetings/trainings
    • Understand Employee Wellness Programs and benefits available
    • Serve as the go-to site contact for co-workers to answer questions, provide information and promote programs
    • Survey staff at site to choose healthy lifestyle programs to fit your location's needs & interests
    • Innovate creative programs on various health topics
    • Share/forward information to site/department staff, engage friends and colleagues to participate in wellness programs and create excitement around leading a healthy lifestyle
    • Solicit Feedback on the Wellness Program to evaluate and support Employee Wellness

What are the Rewards?

Wellness Champions are eligible for a maximum $500 stipend per year. Stipends are earned by submitting pre-plans, program evaluations for activities onsite, Open Enrollment & Health Rewards work, and a year-end summary. 

Wellness Champions by Location

Wellness Champion of the Month Archive 2016-2017


Cathy Eckstein - Wellington Elementary
Only a couple months into the school year and Cathy has been a very active champ! She gathered a team to participate in the Heart Walk, arranged a Zumba class with her staff to de-stress and have some fun at Ultima Fitness (photo attached), nominated a coworker for the AHA Healthy Lifestyle Change Award who ended up becoming a finalist, and organized National Walk to School Day for the staff and families. She is currently forming a team for the upcoming Heroes for Education 5K and is planning a healthy breakfast for staff on November 4th to celebrate National Healthy Eating Day! All with a smile on her face and a positive attitude!