GED / ABE Program

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  • Our GED Program

    Welcome to the Chuck Shaw Technical Education Center (CSTEC). The Chuck Shaw TEC offers classes in Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Education Development (GED). High school students who are still in high school and wish to earn their GED must withdraw before entering CSTEC.

    Program Goals

    The goal for the majority of the students attending the GED program is to achieve a high school diploma. We have many students who first need to learn English. Once they have gained competence in English, they can then enter our GED program.

    Registration Requirements

    Individuals who wish to earn a GED may take preparation classes. They must come to the Center with a valid government-issued picture ID and register in the main office for the CASAS Goals test. The CG test results will determine class placement. Teachers use contemporary materials, methods, and services to provide for each student's needs and learning styles. People who feel capable of passing the GED without preparation can go to the following websites for information: Palm County Adult and Community Education or

    GED / ABE Class Time

    Day GED classes meet Monday through Friday. Session I is from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM. Session II is from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM. The evening classes meet Monday through Thursday. Session III is from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. GED classes switch subjects and rooms within each session depending upon the student's enrollment. There are students who require complete subject instruction while others only require one subject, such as math. Class scheduling is determined by the CASAS Goals scores upon registration. After 60 hours of instruction, students are re-tested to determine progress. Students can take an actual GED subject exam if they feel they are ready. Students also have the opportunity to take the practice GED exam, which is determined and scheduled by the department. 

    Returning to School

    We have many students who have returned to the classroom after being out of school for many years. We have had GED graduates from all walks of life getting their diplomas at an advanced age with the oldest graduate being 91 years old. There are many challenges for returning students, especially those students who are currently working and need to find time to study. Our faculty is highly aware of those challenges and is extremely sensitive to the different needs of their students.

    Starting the Process

    To register for GED-ABE classes, students need to go to the main office with an official government photo ID and pay their tuition. The main office will start the registration process and schedule the CASAS Goals test on the same day. 

    The CASAS Goals Test

    The CASAS Goals test is used for student placement and is completed on the computer. The results are an assessment of the student's strengths and weaknesses, which the teacher uses for academic planning. Students need to allow 2-3 hours for the testing process.

    Starting Class at the Chuck Shaw TEC

    The Chuck Shaw Technical Education Center has open enrollment, so students can start anytime during the term. There are some exceptions. The students are given their starting date on the day of their test, and will usually start class the next day.

    Student Photo IDs

    Photo identification cards are taken every day in the main office. Students must wear their IDs at all times.