Dress Code

  • Appropriate student dress and grooming are important factors in the safe and orderly operation of schools. Each student’s appearance should reflect a “positive” image of our school and contribute to a distraction free learning environment.

    Using the specific guidelines listed below, school administrators, with the input and support of faculty members, have the final decision in determining and enforcing student dress code.


    Acceptable Clothing

    • All tops must have regular sleeves, modest neck lines, and be able to be tucked in.
    • Any sheer panels on top or bottom can only be where skin is allowed to be shown.

    Prohibited Clothing

    • Tops that are see through, sheer, strapless, have straps, backless, show midriff, or are low cut. Crop tops and sleeveless tops are also prohibited.
    • Holes, cut outs, and rips in shirts/blouses are not permitted.


    Acceptable Clothing

    • All shorts must be within a school ID badge or appropriate length from the knee.
    • All pants/shorts must be worn at or above the hips.
    • Holes, cut outs or rips pants/shorts can only be where skin is allowed to be shown.
    • If yoga pants or leggings are worn, a long shirt/sweatshirt must be worn reaching to upper thigh.

    Prohibited Clothing

    • Bottoms are not to be worn below the hips.
    • No skirts, skorts, or dresses.
    • Clothing items used to cover up a dress code infraction are not permitted.
    • Pajamas and costumes are not permitted.

    General Guidelines

    • Student ID badges must be visible at all times.
    • All shoes must be closed toe and heel.
    • Undergarments are not to be visible.
    • Sandals, flip-flops, slides, backless shoes, high heels, wedges, slippers, or shoes that appear to be slippers are prohibited.
    • Jackets or any other outer coverings cannot be used to cover up dress code infractions.(i.e. tank tops)
    • No head coverings including any form of hat, hoodie, scarf, stocking, or bandana.
    • Clothing, jewelry, buttons, etc. with words, phrases, symbols, pictures or insignia which are disruptive, obscene, profane, racist, suggestive, related to drugs, alcohol, or weapons are prohibited.

    Any items worn that could be deemed unsafe or distracting by administration cannot be worn.