Uniform Dress Code

  • Dress Code Overview
    All students are expected to dress and groom themselves in a way that reflects neatness, cleanliness, moderation, and appropriateness for school.

    Dress Code Violation
    When students are cited for a dress code violation, the parent will be called to bring a change of clothing.

    Shirts and Blouses

    • Oxford-style shirt with buttons the length of the shirt front, solid colors only
    • Polo/golf-style shirt with collar, solid colors only
    • Shirts must be appropriately sized
    • Logos greater than 2 inches circumference are not permitted
    • School t-shirts are acceptable


    • Solid Colors
    • Shorts/Skirts (Conservative length no shorter than end of fingertips when fingers are extended and arm is hanging naturally at side.)


    • Flats, no soles over an inch
    • Shoes must completely enclose foot

    Not Allowed*

    • Denim*/Denim-looking clothing, i.e. jean skirts, jean shorts, jean shirts
    • Head gear:
    • Sandals
    • Crocs
    • Overalls
    • Plaids, stripes/camouflage
    • No heelies

    *Blue Jeans may be worn "Only On Fridays" with a JCM shirt and on Spirit Days

    General Information
    School District of Palm Beach County Dress Code restrictions continue to apply.
    Dress Code may be amended through SAC Committee.