In-House Program

  • Spanish Dual Language

    Spanish Dual Language Programs, also known as "Two–Way Immersion" programs, allow students to develop proficiency in two languages by receiving content area instruction in both English and Spanish. Students, regardless of native language proficiency, are provided with ample exposure to both languages, allowing them to achieve academic excellence while becoming bilingual and biliterate. The program also emphasizes cultural awareness and sensitivity.

    Due to the rigor of Dual Language Programs after grade 1, applicants must receive an eligible score on a fluency exam to determine eligibility. Students entering a Spanish Dual Language Program for the first time in grades 2–5 must pass a fluency exam to determine eligibility prior to being made eligible for the Choice lottery.

    What is Dual Language?

    The goal of Jupiter Elementary Dual Language Immersion Program is to provide instruction in both English and Spanish in an authentic and rich environment where students will value, learn, and respect other’s cultures and languages. The program helps students develop bilingualism
    and biculturalism. This academic program is for families who choose for their children to achieve high levels of literacy achievement in two languages.

    The Dual Language Program features a comprehensive and integrated curriculum. Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies content are going to be taught in both languages in a culturally diverse atmosphere using cooperative learning, problem solving, and technology. The classroom is comprised of native English speakers and native Spanish speakers. Both sets of students with have ample exposure to both languages, allowing them to progress academically while becoming biliterate and bicultural.

    Research shows that the acquisition of a second language strengthens skills in the child’s first language and forms life connections in the brain that otherwise would not be formed if a language acquisition occurs after adolescence. Some of the cognitive advantages (Bialystok, 2007) of bilingualism are:

    • problem solving
    • focus of attention
    • monitoring

    Students that begin second language studies in the early grades, and continue with articulated program through grade 12 will achieve fluency and proficiency in listening, speaking, writing and reading.

    What are the Characteristics of our Dual Language Program?

    Jupiter Elementary students in the program will receive 50% of their instruction in English and 50% of their instruction in Spanish. The two languages are kept separate at all times during instruction. Students are expected to meet grade level expectations in all subject areas and the assessments of student progress are required in both languages.

    Benefits of Dual Language

    • Students will develop high levels of academic proficiency in their first and second languages
    • Students will become fully bilingual and biliterate.
    • Students will have a broader view and respect for other cultures, and point of views.
    • New research shows that bilingualism delay and protect cognitive decline and dementia.