Course Selection

  • Students should consult with their teachers regarding their core and academy classes. For Zoned students, the teacher will be inputting their students’ core and academy classes into SIS for next year. For Non-Zoned students, you will be choosing your core classes by completing the Course Selection Google form (link below)

    Students should select 6-course electives from the course selection sheet and then enter them into the course selection form.

    Course Selection Google Form.

    If a student is in an academy, please make sure you answer the academy question.
    If you would like more assistance, please contact your school counselor.
    Students should definitely try to challenge themselves to handle the most rigorous courses appropriate and give themselves a chance. We strongly encourage our students to seek advanced diplomas including the AICE and AP Capstone diploma. It is our practice that students take at least 4 accelerated courses (AP, AICE, industry certification) by the time they graduate from West Boca.

    Parents should pay particular attention to the course offerings and their levels in constructing student schedules. Each student should develop a strong educational plan for their high school experience.

    The Course Curriculum Guide contains the course offerings, graduation requirements and other pertinent information necessary in building your high school portfolio.