School Dress Code

  • Shirts

    • Shirts must have collars and sleeves. Undershirts, sheer shirts and camisoles/tank tops should not be visible.
    • The only t-shirt allowed are “school-sponsored” ones.
    • All shirts must fit properly. They may not be too short/tight. Skin should not be exposed at waistline even when arms are extended above the head.
    • Shirts may be any color, have stripes or small logos no larger than a half dollar.
    • Shirts MAY NOT display any writing or graphics that refer to sex, drugs, violence, gangs, alcohol, tobacco or other sensitive topics.
    • Tuesday will be T-Shirt Tuesday. Students may wear their favorite, school appropriate, T-shirt.

    Pants & Shorts

    • All bottoms must be khaki, blue or black.
    • All bottoms must fit properly at the waist.
    • Shorts/Skirts/Skorts must be at fingertip length, with the appropriate colors.
    • Jeans or Pants are allowed on any day, but must be khaki, blue or black.
    • Leggings may be worn under fingertip length shorts, skirts or skorts. Leggings must be a solid khaki, blue or black.
    • Pants/shorts may NOT have holes in them.
    • Pants or shorts may not have any writing on them.
    • Students may NOT wear athletic bottoms (sweat pants, gym shorts, bathing suits, etc.)


    • Shoes must be closed toe and closed back.
    • NO flip-flops, slippers or platform shoes are allowed. General
    • No exposed undergarments, sports jerseys or sleepwear.
    • No caps, hats, bandanas or sunglasses. Hats may be worn outside for sun protection during recess and PE.
    • Any attire, jewelry deemed unsafe, inappropriate or disruptive is NOT allowed.

    Dress Code Regulations

    This dress code applies to all school activities. The school administration reserves the right to deny any clothing or other items not specifically listed above which are deemed disruptive or inappropriate to the school environment.
    All students participating in extra-curricular activities (i.e. patrols, chorus, band, etc.) must adhere to our dress code to take part in these activities.
    Disciplinary action will be taken when students fail to follow the dress code. Parents will be contacted when improperly dressed and required to bring suitable attire to school.