Dress Code

  • We have a mandatory uniform dress code policy.  The policy sets guidelines for students to create an atmosphere that fosters learning without fashion distractions and safety hazards.  Please contact the front office if you need assistance with obtaining dress code items.  

    Shirts with logos may be purchased through our PTA.  Other school dress code items may be purchased at any retail store.

    Tops - Solid collared shirts (Any color, short sleeve or long sleeve, with or without the Sunset Palms logo).  The Sunset Palms logo is preferred.  

    Sweatshirts - Solid color (free from decorations and writing) sweatshirts may be worn over the collared shirts in the classroom.  

    Bottoms - Pants, capris, shorts, skirts, leggings and skorts (solid khaki, navy, black).  No patterns or decorations.

    Uniform Jumpers - Plain solid collared shirt underneath.  

    Uniform Polo Dresses - Solid colors

    Jackets - Solid jackets (free from decorations and writing) may be worn over the collared shirt in the classroom.  Other types of jackets may be worn to school and outside, but may NOT be worn in the classroom.  

    Not permitted - Midriff baring, short shorts, short skirts, short skorts, athletic shorts, flip flops, open-toed or platform shoes.  Dress code clothes should not be cut, bedazzled, etc.

    Head coverings are not permitted indoors unless they are required for safety in specific programs or are worn for bona fide religious or medical reasons.

    Shoes must be closed toe and closed heel for safety reasons.

    The Sunset Palms Elementary spirit t-shirt may be worn on Fridays and on field trips.  Jeans may be worn on Fridays.  Spirit t-shirts may be purchased through PTA.