Dress Code Policy

  • All students are to dress according to the following criteria:

    • Students may wear a Seminole Trails t-shirt or College/University t-shirt every day. Collared, polo-style or button-down shirts must be worn if a student doesn’t wear one of the two types of t-shirts previously mentioned.
    • Jeans/denim material are permitted every day as long as there are NO RIPS or HOLES and a solid color. Jeans must be loose-fitting and fitted at the waist.
    • If students wear Pants/Shorts/Skorts/Jumpers/Skirts, they must be a solid color of navy blue, black, or khaki. Shorts and skirts must be longer than your child’s fingertips when they put their arms at their side.
    • Pants/shorts must be fitted at the waist, and shirts must be tucked in at all times.
    • The following are PROHIBITED: Baggies, sweatpants, wide legs, jeggings, leggings, sweatpant joggers, and bell-bottoms.
    • All shoes must have flat heels!  Flip-flops, high-heels, open-toed shoes, shoes with wheels, and backless sandals are PROHIBITED. This is for the safety of each child as he/she walks around campus, participates in P.E., and plays at recess.
    • The wearing of valuable jewelry is highly discouraged.  The school will not be responsible for theft or loss of any valuables. Large pierced earrings or bangle bracelets are not permitted.
    • Cosmetics, including tattoos, may not be worn at school, and children are asked not to write on their skin. Please refrain from wearing scented perfumes and lotions to respect those with allergies and Asthma.
    • Caps are allowed for P. E., weather conditions, religious reasons, and medical reasons only.

    In the event your child comes to school wearing inappropriate attire, you will be contacted and asked to bring appropriate clothing to school.