The Adult General and Community Education Program provides a range of valuable opportunities, including Virtual Substitute Teaching, GED preparation, and English language instruction for speakers of other languages.

Virtual Substitute Teacher Program

  • Substitute Teacher in classroom

    Having a high school diploma or GED is a prerequisite for enrolling in the Virtual Substitute Training program, which is a crucial step toward becoming a qualified substitute teacher in the School District of Palm Beach County. 

    As part of the onboarding and professional development process, each substitute guest teacher is required to successfully complete the Substitute Teacher Training course.  The training program encompasses various courses that provide essential knowledge, skills, techniques, and ethical practices necessary for effective and professional interaction with all members of the school community.   





GED/English for Speakers of Other Languages

    • Female studentsAdult students in need of literacy or numeracy skills enhancement as well as the need to improve skills in listening, reading, writing, or speaking English.
    • Year-round program that meets four (4) nights per week for three hours each meeting.
    • Instructions are delivered in a hybrid format (virtual and on-campus, face-to-face).
    • Cost: $30 registration fee, which can be waived if receiving public assistance.