Dress Code

  • We work each day to encourage students to be successful at their job of learning. We ask that you do the same by supporting our school dress code (school uniform). We believe school uniforms have a positive impact on student learning and behavior in and around the school. Our school dress code serves to unite students, increases school pride and eliminates class barriers.


    • Solid colored NA VY BLUE, FOREST GREEN, OR WHITE collared polo/oxford.
    • School spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays for Spirit Day
    • All jackets/sweaters/sweatshirts must be solid colors: NA VY BLUE, FOREST GREEN OR WHITE
    • only with NO GRAPHICS of logos or lettering. Unless it is a Binks uniform jacket/sweater/sweatshirt
    • which has the school name.
    • School Think Pink shirts or a solid pink collared shirt may be worn on Thursdays in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.


    • Solid uniform NA VY OR KHAKI long pants, shorts, skirts, skorts or jumpers.
    • White or navy blue leggings are permitted ONLY IF WORN UNDER A SKIRT.
    • Jeans may ONLY be worn on Friday for Spirit Day with a spirit or uniform shirt. Jeans cannot be worn because of cooler temperature. Jeans must be plain, traditional style blue jeans with no embellishments or rips.

    Shoes & Socks:

    • Sneakers must be worn daily.*
    • No shoes with wheels, :flip-flops, boots, flats or crocs
    • Only plain white, black, or navy blue socks must be worn

    *Due to daily physical activity, it is a safety requirement for students to wear sneakers at all times.

    To determine acceptable length of shorts or skirts, stand with your fingertips to your side, check to see
    that your shorts or skirts are not shorter than the length of your fingertips.

    No tops/bottoms should be spandex, camouflage, lycra materials including basketball or cheerleading
    shorts of any kind.

    Thursdays are THINK PINK THURSDAYS in support of breast cancer awareness. A solid pink
    collared polo/oxford shirt may be worn. First Friday of every month is College Shirt Day.
    Exceptions to the uniform policy may be made for special class, grade programs or trips (teachers will
    notify parents). Clothing should be clean, neat and sized correctly from head to toe.

    **Student who do not comply will be offered a change of clothing or they can call their parents from the
    office to bring an appropriate change of clothing.**