Dress Code

  • Approved Tops

    • Must have sleeves
    • Attire must cover the whole torso, and undergarments
    • Must have solid material on the front, sides & back
    • Hoodies must have hoods down at all times

    Approved Bottoms

    • Must be worn at the waist, and undergarments are covered
    • Must have solid fabric (not mesh) on front, sides, and back
    • Must be long enough to fall at least mid-thigh
    • Full-length leggings are allowed (solid colors)
    • Sweatpants are allowed (tied at the waist)

    Approved Shoes

    • Must be close-toed and close-heeled
    • Loafers, sneakers, or flat shoes are advised

    I.D. Badge & Lanyard  (SD Policy 5.0115)

    • I.D. must be worn at all times while on campus and at school-sponsored events
    • IDs may not be altered, broken, or defaced. SB Policy 5.0115
  • Prohibited Tops

    • NO bare midriff, plunging necklines, muscle tops, tank tops, or backless clothing
    • No see-through sheer or mesh built-in

    Prohibited Bottoms

    • NO holes in jeans/shorts/pants
    • NO pajama bottoms/flannels
    • NO spandex/biker shorts

    Prohibited Shoes

    • NO open-toed shoes of any kind, sandals, Crocs, sliders, flip-flops, slippers, high heels, cleats, heelys, or steel-toed boots.

    General Guidelines

    • Cell phones & electronics: Cell phones, AirPods, headphones, or personal electronics CANNOT be out or visible while on school campus between the hours of 8:50-4:05 unless otherwise notified by school-based personnel.   
    • Non-religious headgear must be removed before entering the school building
    • Sunglasses must be removed before entering the school building (excluding Rx glasses)
    • Jewelry and/or accessories must not pose a safety hazard or be deemed inappropriate
  • All articles of clothing and accessories must not:

    • Contain explicit and/or offensive language and/or images and/or subliminal messages
    • Contain language or images that depict or promote illegal substances or violent conduct
    • Discriminate or Politically Charged wording or images 
    • Be capable of use as a weapon
    • Cause a safety hazard