Dress Code

  • Shirts

    • Polo style, collared shirt, button-down, casual blouse or t-shirt.
    • Must be full length and cover the midriff and lower back.
    • Lake Worth Middle School t-shirts may be worn any day.
    • No spaghetti strap, crop top style shirts.


    • Khakis, Jeans, Dress Pants or Slacks, Joggers, Shorts, Skirts.
    • Must be worn at the waistline.
    • Shorts and skirts must be knee length.
    • No leggings, tights, yoga pants or biker shorts.
    • Holes, rips, or tears below mid-thigh are allowed.
    • No pants tucked into socks.
    • Belts must be threaded through belt loops and may not dangle.
    • No suspenders.


    • Any closed toe shoe except the following:
    • Heels are to be no higher than 2 inches.
    • No bedroom slippers, flip flops, slides, or any other type of open-toe shoes


    • Jackets are permitted in cold weather. Students wearing jackets in warm weather will be asked to remove them.


    • All backpacks and purses must be see-through (clear or mesh).


    • Florida law mandates that school issued lanyards with picture ID must be worn every day

    Head Coverings

    • No hats, caps, hoodies, scarves, bandanas or head coverings (except for religious purposes).
    • No earbuds, Airpods, headphones may be worn, in accordance with Florida law.


    • No accessories such as dog collars or chains on wallets, wristbands, choke collars, studded collars, “grills” or any other accessories that may pose a safety hazard (These items will be confiscated)

    *Any clothing, jewelry, buttons, phrases or other items or markings which are offensive, profane, racist, suggestive or indecent, associated with gangs, encourage the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or violence or support discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, national origin, marital status, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation or that contain references to death, murder or gang affiliation (including Sniper Gang brand) are prohibited.