Dress Code

  • Shirts

    • Any color or patterned Polo OR T-shirts
    • Western Pines T-shirt (ROAR, Academies, or Clubs) preferred
    • NO sleeveless shirts, low cut scoop neck or body suits
    • No mid drift shirts exposing the stomach
    • NO inappropriate designs or sayings


    • Any color or pattern pants, skirts or shorts (Including denim)
    • Shorts and skirts must reach to at least 2" above knee
    • No skin or undergarments showing above the knee (this includes rips and tears)
    • No pajama bottoms
    • NO leggings


    • Any color or pattern
    • Western Pines Hoodies or Academy Hoodies preferred
    • Hoods are not allowed to be worn over head on campus
    • No inappropriate designs or sayings


    • Shoes must be flat and have closed toe and closed heel
    • Crocs, slides and slippers are not permitted
    • Hard soled boots (ie cowboy boots) will not be permitted to be worn on the gym floor


    • For safety, all backpacks must be CLEAR or MESH
    • Any athletic bag must be checked in with your last period teacher
    • Any bag that is not see through may not be stored in a locker

    PE Uniforms

    • Students are expected to dress out everyday in an approved PE uniform
    • PE uniform shorts and shirts may not be worn outside of PE
    • PE uniforms will be available for sale on school cash on-line at beginning of semester

    Prohibited Items

    • Body decorations
    • Jewelry mouth pieces
    • Heavy or excessive jewelry
    • Chains, dog collars
    • Headwear (caps, bandanas) except for documented medical or religious reasons
    • Animal ears and tails
    • Earbuds/Headphones not allowed to be worn in the hallway
    • Undergarments must not be visible at any time
    • No inappropriate verbage or graphics on hoodies, pants or shirts
    • Any clothing item that distracts from the learning environment or causes a disruption
    • Administration reserves final decision if in question

    Don't Forget

    • IDs must be worn around your neck on a breakaway lanyard and visible daily while in attendance at school or any function.
      (1st ID given free of charge, subsequent ID's will be charged $5 per ID)

    Please contact Lori Bednarek, School Counselor with any uniform needs.