Dress Code

  • Dress for Success 

    All students are expected to dress and to groom themselves in a way that reflects neatness, cleanliness, moderation and appropriateness for school. If you are in doubt whether a particular garment is acceptable, ask before you wear it.


    • Allowed
      • Collared (solid colors only with sleeves)
      • All shirts are to be tucked in at the waist, Grades 2 –5
      • School spirit shirt on Friday only
    • Not Allowed
      • Logos
      • Denim or denim looking
      • Sweaters worn as a shirt


    • Allowed
      • Only solid colors of navy, tan, black or brown
      • Fitted and worn at the waist
      • Tailored, hemmed, slacks of conservative fit
      • Skirts/skorts/shorts must be finger tip length
    • Not Allowed
      • Leather. Denim/denim looking
      • Jeans of any color
      • Stretch knit, overalls or bib style
      • Stirrups
      • Sweat pants
      • Thigh high stockings worn underskirts


    • Allowed
      • Shoes must be completely enclosed with a 2” heel maximum
    • Not Allowed
      • Clogs, mules
      • Open toed shoes
      • Sling backs
      • Soles over 2 inches
      • Untied or unfastened
      • Shoes with wheels

    Sweatshirts and Sweaters

    • Allowed
      • Solid colors only
      • Must be worn over a shirt. Collar must be visible
      • Please label outerwear

    Hair and Accessories

    • Allowed
      • Hair should be clean and neatly groomed
      • Jewelry that does not create an educational distraction
    • Not Allowed
      • Combs and picks
      • Hats, caps, bandannas, or other head covering
      • Sunglasses that are nonprescription