Dress Code

  • Tops – Any solid color collared polo style shirt. Button down shirts are not permitted. Only Royal Palm Beach Elementary School logos permitted.

    Bottoms – Solid color fitted uniform shorts, pants, skorts, capris or jumpers. Bottoms must be khaki (tan), navy blue or black (no gym shorts). Shorts, skirts, & dresses must be finger tip length.

    Socks must be worn, only mid-calf or below permitted.

    Shoes must be fully enclosed, ankle length or below (NO BOOTS). For safety reasons, laces, buckles, velcro must be used to secure the shoe. Heels, such as any type of plat-forms or high heels, or shoes with wheels or skates are not permitted. Shoes must be ankle length ONLY.

    Solid color sweatshirts, turtlenecks, and solid color leggings under skirts may be worn in cold weather.

    Friday or the last day of the week will be Spirit Day, plain blue jeans may be worn with Royal Palm Beach Elementary T-shirt or school collared polo style shirt.

    Exceptions may be made for special class or grade programs/trips or special school-wide days (teachers or school will give prior notice).

    Personal Appearance Policy for Students

    The following Personal Appearance Policy for Students was established by a Student Dress Code Committee. Students come to school more focused upon learning when they are neatly and appropriately dressed and well groomed.

    Parents have the primary responsibility for ensuring that students are appropriately dressed for school.

    Students who come to school dressed inappropriately will be required to call home for a change of clothing, be given a Uniform Violation Letter and/or will be provided with alternate garments to wear (if available), then to wash and return.

    When a student’s appearance at school or at a school activity becomes a disruptive factor, a safety hazard, or exhibits impropriety the principal/designee shall take reasonable remedial
    measures to control these situations.

    Students may not wear hats, caps, or other headgear in school except during P.E./outside activities or unless required for bona fide religious reasons or health purposes as prescribed by a physician.
    Safety helmets when riding a bicycle are required by law.

    Slacks, jeans, shorts, skirts, skorts, etc. must be worn at the waist (no sagging) with no undergarments showing.

    Skirts, dresses, shorts, skorts, etc. must be finger-tip length or longer (with arms extended).

    Students may not wear clothing which could become a health or safety hazard (large jewelry is a safety hazard on the playground). This is particularly true for shoes. Students may not wear open toe or back type footwear or shoes that contain any open areas such as Crocs. Students typically participate in playground activities daily. Therefore, shoes should provide ample comfort, traction and support. Tennis shoes, sneakers and the like are recommended.

    Students may not wear clothing or accessories which display in any way messages, pictures, patches, or symbols which may be related to: pornography, alcohol, tobacco, drug use, depictions of violence, defacement or alteration of the U.S. flag or other national symbols, racial or ethnic slurs, gang membership or inappropriate messages.

    Students may not wear chains attached to clothing such as belt loops, pockets or wallets.

    Students may not wear any garment which exposes any part of their body in an immodest way or which brings undue attention (e.g., bare midriffs, strapless tops, tight clothing).