Color Guard

  • What is color guard?  Color guard brings the visual aspect to the marching band by dancing, spinning flags, rifles and sabers.  Being in guard is a great way to exercise and meet new friends. Color guard is also an honors credit course, you earn the credit by spinning. How easy is that?! Being in color guard also satisfies part of your gym credit that you need to graduate high school as well. It truly is an amazing experience. You get to create new friendships with students from other schools, travel, get inspiration from all the other amazing schools that perform, but most importantly, you strengthen the bond with your entire team. That’s what it is truly all about, so give it a try! No experience is needed, and it is open to everyone, boys and girls, we will teach you!! We have private instructors that teach you right on school campus. Join the award winning JHS Color Guard today!!

    We are also looking for more students to join our marching band. JHS is a state champion and award winning marching band. It is the highlight of many student’s high school experience, their bonds and friendships are lifelong, we have many alumni come to Tampa State Championships every year to cheer on our students.


    Why join Marching Band or Guard?

    1. Friendships-  We help each other with homework, hang out outside of band, and become a family!!
    2. College applications- schools love to see you involved doing what you love and they know the time and dedication it takes to participate in a marching band. Many of our students get accepted into their top pick with scholarships.
    3. Wind Symphony and Color Guard class is an honors credit class- many marching band students are in WS
    4. Marching students become better players- rehearsing several times a week and their growth correlates with the additional practice and private instruction received from their section instructors from participating in marching band. Many of our marching students earned superiors at County and State Solo Ensemble
    5. Out of state trips
    6. Get in shape- we have students who lose on average 20 pounds during marching season. Students participate in PT before every rehearsal, getting them in shape for the performance and for themselves.


    If you are interested in joining our marching band, color guard or know someone that might like to join, please share this invite. We are hosting a band camp June 18-22, feel free to come out and try the camp to see what it is all about at no cost to you.  

    Check out our guard video: