Dress Code

  • Parents, please note the following, in reference to student dress code and backpacks

    Students are to follow the dress code below, with the exception of Fridays. On Fridays, students may wear a Cholee Lake spirit shirt along with jeans. Jeans must be free from rips and tears.

    Dress code

    • Uniform shirts: Any solid colored uniform shirt.
    • Uniform bottoms: Can be Blue, Nave, Khaki, or Black. Bottoms can be in the form of a skirt, skort, shorts, or pants.
    • Uniform dresses: Any color uniform dresses with or without a collar.
    • Shoes: Closed-toe shoes or sneakers (Sneakers are required for P.E.). (Boots, flip flops, and clogs are not safe to be worn to school.)
    • Backpacks: Students are to carry a clear/mesh backpack.

    Uniforms and backpacks can be found in many stores such as Walmart, Target, etc. Uniform shirts can also be purchased at Cholee Lake.

    If you have any questions, please contact the school at (561) 383-9600.