Choice Program: Spanish Dual Language

  • North Grade K-8 has a Spanish Dual Language Program for grades K through 5. For grades 6-8, we have a Global Language Academy Choice Program. This choice program is for middle school students who have been in a Spanish dual language program the previous two school years.

    Spanish Dual Language Programs, also known as "Two–Way Immersion" programs, allow students to develop proficiency in two languages by receiving content area instruction in both English and Spanish. Students, regardless of native language proficiency, are provided with ample exposure to both languages, allowing them to achieve academic excellence while becoming bilingual and biliterate. The program also emphasizes cultural awareness and sensitivity.

    North Grade's Dual Language Global Academy will offer a continuation for students who have been in a Spanish Dual Language program at the elementary level for a minimum of 2 years. Highly motivated students will be engaged in a challenging academic environment in which three of their core academic courses are taught in Spanish. The goals of the program are to be biliterate and bi lingual in Spanish and English, enrich academic instruction in all subjects, and increase their exposure to international perspectives to build global competence. All students applying to this program must receive an eligible score on a Spanish assessment test.

    Due to the rigor of Dual Language Programs after grade 1, applicants must receive an eligible score on a fluency exam to determine eligibility. Students entering a Spanish Dual Language Program for the first time in grades 2–5 must pass a fluency exam to determine eligibility prior to being made eligible for the Choice lottery.