• The School District of Palm Beach County is excited to announce the opportunity for grade 8 students in district-operated schools to participate in the administration of the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) 8 at no cost.

    Results from the PSAT 8 test will provide a baseline indicator of current progress toward college readiness and, because the college readiness benchmarks are closely aligned to the Florida state standards, the results can also be used to support grade level instruction and learning.

    Student assessment data from the PSAT 8/9 can also be used to help high school counselors determine academic readiness and potential for success in Advanced Placement and other college preparatory courses, and to identify students who may need additional instruction before enrolling in such courses. The test will take place between October 16 and 31.

    Students who participate will have the option to have scores sent to the Khan Academy, a free online resource, where an individual, customized study plan and practice will be designed for your student based on his or her results. However, if you do not wish to allow your student to participate in the PSAT 8/9, you must sign and submit the attached waiver to your child’s school.

    We encourage all 8th grade students to take this opportunity that is available to them for the following reasons:

    • The PSAT 8 includes grade level appropriate mathematics, reading, writing and language components; there is no special preparation needed.
    • The program can help identify each student’s potential for academic success during and after high school.
    • The PSAT 8 is closely aligned to the PSAT/National Merit Qualifying Test and the SAT which students will take in 10th and 11th grades, and the results can be used to prepare for improved future performance on those assessments.
    • Test results will provide high school guidance counselors with information to help guide students who may be ready to enroll and be successful in Advanced Placement and other college preparatory courses as early as 9th grade, or identify areas where students may need additional instruction prior to enrollment in college preparatory courses.
    • Test results can open up discussion about future education plans that may not have been considered otherwise.