Dress Code

  • Cypress Trails Elementary will implement a dress code policy. Students are expected to 
    honor their responsibilities and dress in a way that respects the rights of others. Our aim is 
    to promote pride in citizenship, pride in oneself, and pride in our school. The School 
    Advisory Council has agreed on the following policy:

    • Any solid color t-shirt or polo shirt - no emblems or logos except for Cypress Trails 
    • “spirit” attire that includes a school t-shirt or club t-shirt. 
    • All shirts should be appropriately sized.
    • Solid color jumpers with solid colored leggings or solid shorts underneath
    • Solid color pants, skorts, capris, or shorts
    • All skorts and shorts must be fingertip length
    • Denim is permitted each day, but no cut-offs, rips, or tears.
    • No athletic type shorts
    • No sweatpants
    • All pants and shorts must be worn at the waist, should be appropriately sized, and  should not be made of sheer/see-through material
    • Solid color jackets and sweatshirts, no emblems or logos that would be distracting
    • No hoods, hats, or other head coverings** should be worn inside of the building
    • Dress code must be worn underneath sweaters and jackets

    Closed toe rubber sole shoes that fully enclose the foot are required for safety reasons. No boots, flip flops, sandals, Crocs, etc. Socks must be worn.

    *According to school board policy 5.182, students are not allowed to wear or possess items that create a classroom distraction or school disorder.

    **Schools must establish an exception to the dress code for sincerely held religious beliefs  or a documented disability.

    ***The principal or designee shall have final authority to decide if a student’s attire complies  with a dress code, and shall use reasonable discretion in interpreting and implementing the  provisions of this policy