• Dress Code / Uniform Guidelines

    "Standardized Dress for Success"

    Printable Dress Code


    Shirts are to be tucked in at all times

    • Styles
      • Polo-style, collard shirt with sleeves
      • Dress-style, collard shirt with sleeves
        (Dress shirts MUST be buttoned closed)
    • Colors
      • Any solid colored shirt, excluding neon colors


    No cargo pants are permitted

    • Boys & Girls Styles
      • Shorts
      • Slacks
        (Dockers or Dress-style)
    • Girls Styles
      • Skirts
      • Skorts
      • Jumpers (solid school color)
      • Dress (solid school color)
    • Colors
      • Navy
      • Khaki (tan)
      • Black


    • Closed toe shoes
      (Closed toe shoes/sneakers style MUST be worn for P.E.)

    Other Uniform Guidelines

    • No undershirts worn as outer shirts
    • No oversize shirts unless tucked in fully
    • No oversize pants
    • No jeans
    • No sweatpants
    • No flip flops
    • No open-toed shoes
    • No plaids

    Parents of students who are not in the proper dress code will be called to bring in proper attire.