Snack Agenda

  • The Equestrian Trails Afterschool Program is ever conscious of the assorted allergies and over-all wellness of all students in the program. Therefore, we strive to provide generally healthy snacks and juices. To that end, we use nothing that has peanut oil or was made in a plant that uses peanut oil.

    Our snack menu is a choice of one of two snacks and one of two 100% juice being offered that day. Snack varies from cereal, yogurt, fruit, and grain chips, to granola bars, and sometimes low fat type cookies, etc. Drinks vary from 100% juices such as apple, orange, grape, watermelon, etc. to milk and water.

    The health and wellness of all of our students is a key component of our Afterschool Program. If your child has allergies or specific dietary needs, please advise us and if we are unable to meet those needs or if you have any concerns in ref to the snack, you can send snack with them