Criminal Justice Academy

  • The purpose of this program is to build leaders with strong character in today’s youth, while equipping them with valuable life skills to make them more employable in the field of Criminal Justice and global society.

    Our Academy is a rigorous 4-year college level curriculum, that includes academics, physical training, marching and drill. Students who successfully complete the course will receive an industry certification as a C.S.O. (Community Service Officer) and become eligible to apply for that position at their local police department. [Delray Beach PD: Salary: $34,840.00 - $53,996.80 annually] and 9 college credits towards a Criminal Justice degree at Palm Beach State College. Our Academy sees merit in taking pride and an active role in our community; hence, we participate in multiple community service events throughout the school year. Additionally, we do several fundraising activities to raise money for our Academy graduation banquet, classroom supplies and other non-budgeted items throughout the year. These events take place after school hours and occasionally on weekends. 

    Our Academy places a great emphasis on teaching respect, discipline, leadership skills, self-control, organizational skills and physical fitness. We utilize a paramilitary style of instruction and a tiered rank structure made up of student supervisors. Supervisors are selected by behavior, performance, willingness to lead and results of an oral board and written test.


    Deputy Michael Byrd - Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

    Officer Robin Moschette - Delray Beach Police Department        

    Criminal Justice Phone Number: (561) 279-1707


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