School Uniform Policy

  • In accordance with School Board Policy 5.182, ALL students are expected to come to school in the mandatory style of dress outlined below. This dress code facilitates a safe, orderly, and productive educational program. You and your child’s cooperation and adherence to the dress code policy are greatly appreciated.

    Any solid color polo style, collared shirt. The only accepted logo will be the official Acreage Pines Elementary logo.

    Khaki, navy blue or black pants, shorts or skorts (Dockers or Cargo Style ONLY). Jeans may be worn. They must be blue, black, khaki, or gray. Jeans must have a hem. Jeans with rips, tears, or jeggings are not permitted. Shorts or skorts must be fingertip length or longer.

    Leggings may only be worn under shorts, skirts, or uniform jumpers/dresses. Leggings must be solid black, navy, khaki, or gray.

    Uniform Dresses/Jumpers:
    May be worn in solid black, navy, or khaki  

    Sneakers ONLY. No dress shoes, sandals, open-toed shoes, flip-flops, crocs, boots, etc. are allowed as footwear. These types of shoes pose a safety hazard for students who are required to participate in PE daily. Students who are not in proper footwear will be excluded from PE and/or recess for safety reasons.

    Must be a solid colored and free of any logos except the Acreage Pines Elementary logo.

    No headgear may be worn except during outdoor activities for sun protection.

    Official school scrubs with logo may be worn any day. Students are encouraged to wear them on Fridays or other designated lab days. (Classroom teacher will notify students of appropriate days.) *Scrubs can only be ordered through the school.

    Spirit Days:
    Tuesdays and Fridays will be designated as spirit days. On spirit days, students may wear Acreage Pines t-shirts.

    *Official school T-shirts and scrubs will be available for purchase at “Meet the Staff” and various times throughout the
    school year

    Young children seem to misplace their personal items frequently. You may want to use name tapes or adhesive tape lettered with indelible ink or permanent marker where applicable. This will help in identifying which item belongs to which child.