Sheila Daniels

  • Sheila DanielsName: Sheila G. Daniels

    Year Graduated: 1979 Belle Glade or South Bay:  I was born in Belle Glade and moved to South Bay. I attended South Bay Elementary at what is currently known as Tanner Park.

    Ms. Sheila G. Daniels is a retired United States Air Force Master Sergeant with 22 years and 8 months of dedicated and faithful service. She currently works at the Air Force Technical Application Center (AFTAC) as the 709 SPTG Commander / Group Security Manager, responsible for over 400 people. As security manager she handles the following disciplines; computer, freedom of information, privacy act, industrial, operation, personnel, and physical.

    Ms. Daniels is a founding team member of the AFTAC affinity group African American Professional Organization Preparing Woman for Leadership and Efficiency (APPLE). She has published over 50 poems. She mentors officers, enlisted and civilian members within AFTAC, the 45th Space Wing and within the Department of Defense community. The APPLE chapter has collected food, clothing, backpacks and school supplies for Endeavor Elementary Magnet School. APPLE is planning to participate in the following events; Spooketti Dinner, school science fair, and Girls to Women night.

    As Subject Matter Expert (SME), I conduct research to provide real-time Cyber Security scenarios as a project with the National Science Foundation, University of Central Florida.

    What I learned growing up in the Glades: I grew up with 10 family members living in a 950 square feet home. There were 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom without central air or heat. Although every family in our sub division had a mother and father in the household I found this was not true in other parts of South Bay and the Glades. The true value of family was integrated at an early age during our many family gatherings. The Glades area was small in stature but depicted the culture of a big city. Growing up in the Glades prepared you instinctively how to adapt and survive in any situation regardless of location. During my travels throughout different states and internationally whenever I encountered someone from the Glades or “Muck” the immediate family connection was evident. There has always been a negative perception associated with the Glades but that never deterred me. In fact it fueled my fire and instilled a sense of pride to say that I was born and raised in the Glades.

    What I learned at Glades Central:  A discussion with the guidance counselor my freshman year was pivotal. At the time the lack of comprehension of merely remaining firm on a preferred curriculum would lay the foundation of my educational future. One must remain focus, continue to do the right thing even if it is not popular.  Immediately after joining the Maroon Machine I learned that reciting the daily creed instilled a positive association with a professional unit. A couple of my crowning achievements were being awarded Band Captain and 1st chair clarinet. Although I excelled in athletics, I simultaneous excelled in the academia side of the house. I was an honored member of the National Honor Society while maintaining over a 3.0 GPA.

    Advice for current students: Take pride in yourself, your family, your school and the Glades. Turn the negative stereotypes into your positive affirmation. Fight to impart your success and success of the community. Fight with intellect not with fists! If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Always surround yourself with positive people or people moving in the same direction as you are. Avoid negative energy. Remain curious, seek knowledge.  I am obliterating all the negative strife surrounding the community and school. I highly encourage you to share your story, successes, and positive affirmations with others. Any other information you would like to share? Everyone should always have at least one mentor. A mentor is not limited to race, gender or age. A mentor portrays qualities to emulate.  Don’t be afraid to contact the person and asked them to be your mentor. Remember a mentor is chosen and should not be assigned. Give from the heart unconditionally, share your blessings, trust God and enjoy life to the fullest each and every day.