Fall Sports

  • Procedures Announced for all District High School Stadiums

    The School District of Palm Beach County is implementing new procedures for all events in the District’s high school stadiums.

    Beginning with this week’s football games, only clear bags will be permitted entry into any high school stadium. The only exception will be diaper bags. All bags will be subject to search.

    There will be no entry into games after the kick-off of the third quarter of a football game, and there will be no re-entry at any point during the game should an individual leave the stadium before the game is over.

    Loitering is prohibited outside of stadium gates or in parking lots before, during or after the game. Once spectators leave a game, they must leave the school campus.

    All schools will move to 6 p.m. home games whenever possible for the duration of football season. Anyone planning to attend football games at any District high school should check with the schools to verify start times.

    As part of its efforts to continue to improve safety and security on all campuses, the District is reviewing all procedures for after-hours school events to ensure  of students, staff  guests. Additional changes may occur as those reviews continue.