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  • Student Organizations at Palm Beach Central High School strive to provide a pathway to leadership and involvement for all students. They benefit students by providing a community in which to build and cultivate friendships as well as develop their communication and critical thinking skills. With more than 50 student organizations, over 30 FHSAA recognized athletic teams, an active student government, and a rich arts program, Palm Beach Central High School truly has something for everyone.

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    Gail Marshall
    Activities Director


    Willow Louis
    Assistant Principal over Activities

    1) Student Organizations

    An organization is a group that is closely tied to a department on campus. An organization does not have to go through the club recognition process. Organizations are asked to submit an annual registration form with a list of members, and by-laws to Student Activities each academic year for the purposes of record keeping. All students and student groups must abide by the policies in the Palm Beach Central High School code of conduct.

    2) Service Clubs

    A service club or service organization is a voluntary nonprofit organization where members meet regularly to perform charitable works either by direct hands-on efforts or by raising money for other organizations. Students who are members of these service clubs will have opportunities to earn community service hours year round. Palm Beach Central High School, requires students to earn 20 community service hours prior to their graduation. Service clubs are a great way to not only achieve this goal, but to exceed it.

    3) Student Clubs

    A club is a group of students who meet to develop activities or discussions based on their particular topic of interest. They are not regulated by a department other than Student Activities. Clubs provide students with opportunities to develop leadership, social responsibility, citizenship, and volunteerism. Because the management of the club is intended to be a student learning experience, the day to day functions of the club are carried out by student members however, overseen by their club advisor. The advisor may or may not have an affiliation with the group and is chosen by club members. The intent of a club is to generate enthusiasm for a topic while encouraging student involvement and achievement. If you are interested in creating a club you will first need to find a teacher to sponsor it and then complete the Student Organization Application form

    4) Honor Societies

    Honor Societies are on campus organizations that recognize and promote student academic excellence in a particular field. Membership is offered to students on the basis of academic merit as well as worthwhile contributions in extracurricular activities. Active members in good standing will all have the opportunity to earn graduation honors and regalia with in their organization to be worn during their graduation ceremonies.

    5) Student Life

    Athletics and Student Government

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