Dress Code

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    Palm Beach Central High School follows the School District of Palm Beach County’s Dress Code policy. To help create the best learning environment for District students, the District-Wide Dress Code must be observed in all District schools. This Code provides a minimal district-wide dress code, which should apply even if a school implements a School Specific (Standard) School Dress Code or Higher Standard (Uniform) Dress Code as provided in this policy.

    Student IDs must be worn around the student’s neck on the grade-appropriate lanyard at all times.  Wearing the student ID inappropriately will yield consequences. Students without a student ID will need to purchase a new one.

    Please see the District-Wide Student Dress Code below and an extensive list here:

    Specifically, the following attire is unacceptable in District schools:

    • Clothing that exposes the midriff (stomach)
    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses, must fall at least midthigh
    • Attire with language or images that are crude, vulgar, profane, lewd/obscene, sexually explicit, or sexually suggestive.
    • Attire with symbols, mottoes, words, or acronyms that promotes illegal or violent conduct
    • Attire associated with discrimination based on age, color, handicap, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, or sex.
    • Clothing traditionally designed, as undergarments, such as boxer shorts or sleepwear, may not be worn as outer garments.
    • Clothing that is sexually suggestive or revealing (examples include, but is not limited to, clothing that exposes the midriff (stomach), exposes one’s undergarments, have plunging necklines, muscle tops, backless clothing, and are constructed of see-through materials). 
    • Clothing which, because of fit, design, color, texture, inadequate coverage, or some other factor, creates classroom or school disorder or distracts the attention of another student or students in any class in session from the lesson being presented or from any other assigned school activity, or which creates a safety or health hazard for any student in the school.
    • A student who fails to maintain personal cleanliness, grooming, or neatness of dress to the extent that presence in the classroom creates classroom or school disorder or distracts the attention of others from assigned classroom activity will be required to maintain a level of personal cleanliness, grooming, or neatness of dress that eliminates the disorder or the distraction of other students in the classroom.

    Students inappropriately dressed will be provided replacement attire, and a parent/guardian will be contacted. Administration has the authority to determine noncompliance.