Dress Code

  • All students are expected to dress and groom themselves in a way that reflects neatness, cleanliness, moderation, and appropriateness for school.


    • Solid color polo-style shirt with collar
    • High 5 shirts
    • School-related shirts only
    • Logos smaller than 2" in circumference are permitted
    • Shirts must be appropriately sized


    • Pants or Shorts: SOLID Navy, gray, khaki, or black
    • Tailored, hemmed, walking shorts, fitted and worn at the waist.
    • Athletic shorts may not be worn
    • Plaid or striped bottoms may not be worn

    Skirts, Dresses, Leggings, & Skorts:

    • Solid navy, gray, khaki, or black skirts/skorts
    • Solid color polo-style dresses with collar
    • Solid navy or khaki jumper (shirt must be worn underneath)
    • Solid navy or black leggings only
    • Longer than finger-tip length for all choices


    • Sneakers, flats, leather shoes, loafers, docksiders, or canvas
    • Socks are required
    • Heel under 1"
    • Shoes must be completely enclosed
    • Boots on rainy days only


    • Solid color only
    • Logos smaller than 2" in circumference are permitted
    • No wording of any kind
    • Must be worn over solid color polo-stlye shirt with collar
    • Hats may only be worn outside during PE