Five Carat Choice Program

  • The Five Carat Choice Program at Palm Beach Lakes is an exciting program consisting of six dynamic academies: Biotechnology Academy, Early Childhood/Teacher Education Academy, Law Academy, Marine Corps JROTC Academy, Medical Sciences Academy, and Fire Academy. Our mission is to prepare our students for the ever-changing society and world in which they live. No matter how they select to do it, PBL's Carats will impact our future in a grand and positive way. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the pillars of Palm Beach Lakes Community High School!


  • Biotechnology

    The Biotechnology program is a program delivered in a state–of–the–art facility that offers students the opportunity to prepare for the career path and the challenges of college. The students have a wide variety of experiences, which may include the opportunity to “gown–up” and work in a clean room. Students experiment with plants while studying the science of hydroponics in the school’s hydroponic greenhouses. Technology is infused throughout the curriculum. These academies have established partnerships with biotech companies in the area.

    Center for Pre-Law/Law-Related Careers at the Gerald A. Williams Center for Pre-Law

    Pre–Law and Law–Related programs are designed for students interested in careers in law, legal service and public affairs. Students may participate in internships in government agencies, law offices, and law enforcement facilities. They are exposed to a broad range of law–related issues by teachers, guest speakers, and field trips, as they gain an in–depth understanding of how the legal system impacts every aspect of society. Students have the opportunity to learn in a courtroom lab setting through The Gerald A. Williams Center for Pre–Law. Community partnerships create outstanding school–to–work experiences in areas such as the courts, law enforcement, corrections, probation, and justice.

    Early Childhood Teacher Education

    The Early Childhood Teacher Education program is a program in which high school students prepare for careers in child–related occupations, earning high school honors credits and/or Dual Enrollment college credits. Career possibilities may include teaching, child psychology, social work, and day–care ownership. The program prepares students for post–secondary education or immediate entry into the Palm Beach County workforce. Students gain teaching experience through internships at area preschools and elementary schools. Early Childhood Teacher Education programs provide students with teaching experience in the laboratory preschools located on high school campuses.

    Fire Science

    The Fire Science program is a four–year program that prepares cadets as outstanding applicants for entry into post-graduate fire academies, specifically Palm Beach State College. Students learn skills including: fire behavior, first responder model, personal protective equipment, use of ropes, tools and equipment, use of fire streams and fundamentals of extinguishment, and rescue procedures. The Fire Science program is a structured “attention on deck” environment with students earning leadership positions as company officers. Students in the Academy are concurrently enrolled in Medical Sciences.

    Marine Corps JROTC

    There are challenges ahead and decisions to make. Marine Corps JROTC provides students with the life skills to tackle those challenges. The curriculum includes lessons in leadership, citizenship, physical education, marksmanship and career exploration. Participation in the Marines JROTC program can help students make the best decisions based upon learning and practicing core values and the development of character and personal responsibility. Students in this program are taught to recognize diversity as a strength and a leadership imperative and to encourage and embrace innovative change while accomplishing a mission through teamwork.

    Medical Sciences - Pre-Medicine

    The Medical Sciences Honors program offers an innovative, integrated learning environment designed to provide the student with the medical skills and training necessary to succeed in postsecondary healthcare career education and/or to successfully transition into the healthcare workforce. This comprehensive program combines a rigorous academic curriculum with intense clinical and laboratory experience. Student clinical rotations are conducted at area hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Clinical clearance, including a background check and drug screening are required prior to entering the clinical setting.

    Digital Media Technology - Scholastic Esports In-House Program

    The Digital Media Technology - Scholastic Esports program focuses on Digital Media, Gaming Development, and Entrepreneurship. Students can earn up to five industry certifications through the four-year Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway. An emphasis is placed on innovative and immersive career-oriented education aligning with industry standards, integrated through the Network of Academic Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF). The rising interest in Esports among students motivates us to infuse Esports components into daily teaching, aligning with the District's comprehensive Esports ecosystem. The program goal is to nurture students' passion for careers in Esports and enable them to access scholarships for higher education. Esports equips students with essential academic and technical skills crucial for future success in STEM and non-STEM postsecondary learning pathways and careers.