Dress Code for Middle School

  • To help create the best learning environment for our students, the dress code for middle school students must be followed by ALL of our students in grades 6-8.


    • Collared shirts, blouses, and tops of any color or appropriate print.
    • Only non-collared PMHS school and club shirts will be permitted
    • No hooded shirts, tank tops, camisoles or spaghetti straps are allowed


    • Docker style pants, knee length shorts, and capris in solid colors and prints are permitted.
    • Jeans are permitted. (No rips, cuts, slits, frays, nor inappropriate designs)
    • No sweat pants of any style
    • No dresses, skirts (Exemption for religious reasons)


    • Athletic style shoes are recommended.
    • Shoes must have closed toes and a back.
    • No Crocs. No flip-flops or sandals. No soft/hard bottom bedroom slippers. No high heels.


    • Hoods are never permitted to be worn on campus.
    • Inappropriate head coverings are not permitted to be worn on camus.
    • Examples of inappropriate headwear are: do-rags, bandanas, bonnets, shower caps, wave caps, stocking caps, etc.

    ID Badges

    • ALL STUDENTS are REQUIRED to wear a school identification badge at all times during school hours and on school grounds and to ride the bus for identification and safety reasons.


    • Only clear or mesh backpacks or small purses are allowed
    • Materials not meeting this standard are a potential safety hazard and will be confiscated by school administration.