• Art Club

    Art Club is a fun, after school group for kindergarten-5th grade. Art club is for students who love art and want to work on extra art projects throughout the year. 

    There is no need for artistic "talent" or 'skill." Art club promotes imagination, creativity and art production, through focusing on materials and projects that are beyond what we do in a regular art class. 

    Best Buddies

    Best Buddies is an international organization building  friendships between people with and without an intellectual or developmental disability, offering social mentoring while improving the quality of life and level of inclusion.  Best Buddies also educates and empowers people with and without an intellectual or developmental disability to be leaders, public speakers and advocates.   At Everglades Elementary School our Best Buddies Club focuses on building friendships and fostering inclusion.  We strive to teach members how to be a friend, how to include others and advocate for the inclusion of everyone. 

    Battle of the Books

    Battle of the Books is a District competition encouraging students to read the Sunshine State books and participate in a trivia challenge based on the content of the books. We will compete against other Palm Beach County elementary schools in a quest to go to the Battle of the Books District finals in January.

    Mileage Club

    Mileage Club is an excellent opportunity for Everglades Elementary students in grades 1-5 to exercise, socialize, and have fun!  Students have the opportunity to run, walk, or jog around the field.  Students will track their laps with a scan card and earn shoelace charms as they accumulate laps.  This technology will help set and achieve goals. Together we will walk our way to cardiovascular fitness.

    Rock Band

    We are working on rebuilding our Rock Band group with our new members this year.  We have drums, keyboard, bass and guitar.  This year we will focus on basic rock and blues.  We normally perform for a variety of school events.

    Student Council

    Student Council is an opportunity for fourth and fifth grade students to build their leadership skills and community involvement. We do this by partnering with several local community organizations to make a difference in our own neighborhood as well as brainstorm ways to support our own school. Student Council at Everglades is about growing as leaders and serving together! 

    WEVS News

    The WEVS News Crew will expose students to all aspects of television production. Students will brainstorm news segments, write, edit, present, and produce the news. They will learn to operate cameras, sound board, computers, and teleprompters.