Uniform Dress Code Policy

  • Dress Code Overview

    All students are expected to dress and groom themselves in a way that reflects neatness, cleanliness, moderation, and appropriateness for school.

    Dress Code Violations

    When students are cited for a dress code violation, they will be counseled by the teacher and the parent will be contacted. We trust that you will support and cooperate with this policy in order to
    maintain a level of school-wide consistency.

    Shirts and Blouses

    • Galaxy E3 Logo Polo Style shirt (Navy Blue, Gold, or White), available for purchase $10.00 each.
    • Oxford-style shirt with buttons the length of the shirt front. (Navy Blue, Gold, or White)
    • Shirts must be appropriately sized and tucked in.
    • Logos greater than 2 inches in circumference are not permitted.


    • Navy Blue, Khaki or Black slacks, appropriately sized.
    • Slacks with belt loops should be worn with a belt. 


    • Navy Blue, Khaki, or Black shorts, appropriately sized; with a length no shorter than end of finger tips when fingers are extended and arms are naturally at sides. 


    • For the safety of your child sandals, backless or open toe shoes are NOT permitted.
    • Closed-toe shoe (example: Sneakers)

    Sweatshirts and Sweaters

    • Solid color sweatshirt (Navy Blue, Gold, or White).
    • Logos no greater than 2” in circumference
    • Without writing of any kind

    Jackets and Vests

    • Outerwear light weight jackets must be conservative, appropriate solid color and correct size.


    • Navy Blue, Khaki or black: solid colors, only
    • Tailored skirt of conservative length no shorter than end of finger tips when fingers are extended and arms are hanging 

    Items Not Allowed

    • Jeans
    • Leggings
    • Hats
    • Sandals

    Palm Beach County School District Dress Code restrictions continue to apply.