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  • Woodlands Middle School in Lake Worth, FL, established in 1995, is the Home of the Mustangs! We are a Cambridge International School renowned for our comprehensive global curriculum designed to equip students with essential 21st-century skills. Our school emphasizes an international perspective, promoting an understanding of diverse cultures and global issues. By incorporating group work and project initiatives, students engage in cross-curricular activities that foster collaboration and critical thinking. Higher-level questioning techniques are employed to challenge students and deepen their understanding. To build a strong sense of community and encourage friendly competition, Woodlands Middle School has adopted the Ron Clark House System, creating a vibrant and supportive learning environment. 

    Woodlands is a Cambridge International School dedicated to connecting, supporting, and accelerating our scholars to succeed and serve others.

    Woodlands Middle School envisions a dynamic collaborative multicultural community where education and lifelong learning are valued and supported, and all learners reach their highest potential and succeed in the global economy.  

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      • A High-Performing School District FL Department of Education
      • 94.1% Graduation Rate
      • 10th Largest District in the U.S.
      • 192 Countries Represented
      • 32.8 million meals School Food Service
      • 335 Choice & Career Programs
      • 171,261 Students in District-operated schools
      • 22,801 Total employees