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    All student-athletes in grades 6 through 12 will register their physical packet and other required eligibility components into an online system called Aktivate.  

    Registration for Parents

    • Go to
    • Click Login
    • Click Create an Account (You only need ONE account, even if you have children in more than one high school and/or middle school; Do Not create another account if you have used “Register My Athlete” in the past)
    • Fill in personal account information (this should be the parent’s personal information)
    • You will be using the site as a Parent

    You MUST use the documents supplied within Aktivate, no alternative documents may be used. Doctor's notes cannot substitute for any page of the EL2, or physical (FHSAA EL2). Page 3 of the physical is completed only if the student athlete is referred to another physician for clearance.

    ***We CANNOT accept the following documents in place of the FHSAA EL2 Sports Physical***

    • State of Florida School Entry Health Exam
    • Florida Certificate of Immunization
    • FL Dept of Health Medical Evaluation

    The physical, or EL2, is valid for 365 days from the date the physician signs it.

    ** Packets continue to be reviewed throughout the day as time allows.
    If your documents are listed as "pending" I have not had the time to review them and will get to them ASAP.

    ** Please do not email me and ask to clear your documents, or to prioritize yours above others.

    ** Continue to check your account to see any updated progress. 

    Eligibility - Grades and Conduct

    FAILURE IN MORE THAN ONE (1) SUBJECT during a given 9 week grading period shall cause a student to be ineligible for practice and competition the following 9 week grading period. An "I" incomplete will be considered the same as an "F" until it is replaced with a valid grade. In addition, a student must maintain a specified grade point average of 2.0.

    Also, the student must maintain a satisfactory conduct for the previous 9 week period to be eligible. “Satisfactory “ conduct is under the determination of each middle school principal.

    Grades earned in summer school will be calculated to determine the courses passed during the previous term. Grades for courses taken in summer school will be calculated with grades for the last marking period of the previous year to determine eligibility. Student must maintain satisfactory conduct.

    (S.B. Policy 5.60) PBSD 1588MS (Rev. 12/5/2014) ORIGINAL - School Athletic Office Page 1 of 3 PROOF OF INSURANCE FOR STUDENT * If specific documentation requested is not available, contact the athletic director for further instruction

    Interscholastic Sports are competitive teams that play other schools within Palm Beach County. Interscholastic Sports consists of a tryout period, a season schedule that lasts approximately 6 weeks and possibly time for playoffs. Students who wish to tryout must have the proper paperwork turned into the Aktivate System or Athletic Director prior to the tryout dates. Instructions for submitting paperwork are listed on the “Athletics and Activities” page of the website. Paperwork must be filled out and uploaded completely in order to try out.

    Intramurals - IMS sponsors a well balanced program of intramural competition for boys and girls.  The objective of the program is to provide an opportunity for physical exercise, social interaction and wholesome fun.  Emphasis is placed on the enjoyment of the sport in a less competitive context.  This is a great time for your child to experience a new sport or enjoy a sport he/she is already familiar with.  Students do not compete against other schools.  Competition is between IMS students only.  It’s easy to get involved.  There is no paperwork, no tryouts, and no commitment.  Simply show up and play. Intramurals can be held before or after school depending on the sponsor's schedule and availability of facilities.

    Clubs - At IMS we offer a wide variety of clubs.  Joining a club is a great way to expand your educational and social horizons.  Clubs provide enrichment in theater, music, art, chess, math and writing, to name a few.  Meetings can be held before or after school and are year round.  Come join the fun, it’s easy to get involved.  There is no paperwork to fill out and you may participate in as few or as many sessions as your schedule will allow.